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The Rent vs. Buy Debate

Massive Equipment have rather cheekily named the month of October, “National Rental Month”. Whilst this ‘month’ is not officially recognized here in the Cayman Islands we really don’t think its a bad idea. In general the rental industry is unknown by those outside the construction or special event worlds. That is not unexpected of course, … Continue reading

Eau de Portable Toilette

We know, using a portable toilet is not something we all exactly dream about. You’ve probably experienced ‘the point of no return’. There’s not a bathroom in sight and your panic level rises as your bladder control declines, standing there wondering what on earth you’re going to do.  You spy a portable toilet. The moment … Continue reading

The Wonderful World of Portable Toilets!

I was 16 years old on the day I realised how vital portable toilets are. It was 2am in the campsite on the last night of Reading Festival and I had just watched a shirtless man fall to his muddy doom having failed the infamous ‘Portaloo Gauntlet’ – a cherished tradition of running across the … Continue reading