Eau de Portable Toilette

We know, using a portable toilet is not something we all exactly dream about. You’ve probably experienced ‘the point of no return’. There’s not a bathroom in sight and your panic level rises as your bladder control declines, standing there wondering what on earth you’re going to do.  You spy a portable toilet. The moment … Continue reading

A Massive ride in Whistler!

(Introducing Massive_Newbie AKA Christina to the Massive blog writing team!) Good friends of Massive, Bill and Shawna Fleury recently traveled to Vancouver, Canada, for the RBC GranFondo Whistler cycling event and brought Massive along with them! For those of you who aren’t avid cyclists and don’t speak Italian (probably the majority of us) – ‘gran … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to us!!!

We turn 15 years young this month, where DID all the time go!? Lots of fancy plans for the month; make sure you save 10am-2pm, Saturday October 19th in your diary as we are having a Customer Appreciation Day with BBQ, man-lift rides (really!), bouncy castle, games, pop-corn and much more! Bring the whole family … Continue reading

Tips for keeping cool in the heat!

Sweet fiddlesticks it is warm out there at the moment (that is, of course, when it stops raining). I was facing the oft-encountered challenge of distinguishing between the muggy air and my own sweat this week when I began devising various strategies to cool myself down as quickly as possible. When the screaming became too … Continue reading

Announcement – New Individual Rental Items Policy

Hey everybody, we’ve updated our Individual Rental Items Policy and want to keep you updated with the new terms starting next week. From 19th August we will no longer be renting items such as plates and glassware on an individual basis.  Instead, such items will be rented on a “per rack” basis.  We do, of course, understand that … Continue reading