New Charity & Non-Profit and Bereavement Policies

Hey Hey Hey!

Just a wee update for all of our wonderful followers, we have recently finalised our Charity & Non-Profit and Bereavement Policies which you can now view on both the Parties & Events page and Portable Toilets page on our website.

The overview of the Charity and Non-Profit Discount Policy terms are;

Peak Season Discount Nov 1 – Apr 30

• Apply LESS than 30 days Prior to Event – 5%
• Apply MORE than 30 Days Prior to Event – 10%

Non-peak Discount May 1 – Oct 31

• Apply LESS than 30 days Prior to Event – 10%
• Apply MORE than 30 Days Prior to Event – 15%

Our Bereavement Discount Policy offers a standard discount of 15% on all rental equipment needed, subject to availability.

We are pleased to have formalised these policies clearly for our customers which tie directly to the Massive Values and Mission Statement along with our commitment to support our local community. Please review the necessary requirements and feel free to contact us directly for further information.


PS – While you are over there, check out our animated 15th anniversary magazine too – it’s sooo pretty!

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