Eau de Portable Toilette

We know, using a portable toilet is not something we all exactly dream about. You’ve probably experienced ‘the point of no return’. There’s not a bathroom in sight and your panic level rises as your bladder control declines, standing there wondering what on earth you’re going to do.  You spy a portable toilet. The moment of truth is upon you as you ask yourself, “Do I REALLY have to go in there?”


Yep, you really do.

You take a whiff expecting a foul odor to fill your nostrils. But strange, there isn’t one, in fact, what is that smell? That smells good! Fruity even…

That’s because you’re in a MASSIVE  portable toilet and that wonderful scent is the cherry fragrance used in all our units!

Here at Massive our purpose is to serve our customers, and our team does it well! Our dedicated staff provides exceptional weekly servicing on all our portable toilets, or for those feeling ‘flush’ you can increase this to biweekly.


A big shout out to Jerry Jimenez, the man of the hour when it comes to servicing our PTs. Jerry handles the replacement of toilet paper and paper towels, the addition of ‘blue’ (yep, that’s what it’s called) to the drop tank which serves to neutralize odors and the overall cleaning and servicing of all our portable toilets – not to mention applying that wonderful fruity fragrance!  So for all you portable warriors out there, next time you see Jerry around on site, take a second to thank him for all his hard work in making your workplace a little more pleasant and a little more fruity each day.

Want to know more about our different units available? Check out The Wonderful World of Portable Toilets post or head over to the PT section of our website.


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