A Massive ride in Whistler!

(Introducing Massive_Newbie AKA Christina to the Massive blog writing team!)

Good friends of Massive, Bill and Shawna Fleury recently traveled to Vancouver, Canada, for the RBC GranFondo Whistler cycling event and brought Massive along with them! For those of you who aren’t avid cyclists and don’t speak Italian (probably the majority of us) – ‘gran fondo’, loosely translated from Italian, means “big ride”. These events have been fairly popular in Europe for some time and are now making their way into North America.


Since its introduction to Canada in 2010, interest in the GranFondo event has sky-rocketed with some 5,000 people from all around the world coming together in downtown Vancouver just before setting off on a 76 mile ride up to Whistler village this year. The awesome thing about GranFondo is it’s not a race! Although, as Bill points out, “when you get a bunch of folks in spandex together, the strong riders will get up front, push hard, and race each other.” Bill described himself as being back in the “geriatric class” finishing in 8 hours, though to be fair, he did stop a few times along the way to partake in the free wine and festivities – Congrats Bill and Shawna!

The scenery itself would be enough to encourage the average cyclist to join in and enjoy the riding along the sea, breathtaking mountain views and of course, the camaraderie – not to mention the event ends with massages and a party.  How awesome is that?!

Many in attendance expressed how well they thought the RBC GranFondo Whistler event was organised. With the best cycling roads closed off to traffic, participants rode the famous Sea-to-Sky Highway and were cheered on by a number of locals while food, drink, and live entertainment was also provided along the way.

You can see Bill below struttin’ his stuff and representing Cayman in his epic Massive jersey from last year’s 2012 Century Ride, his wife Shawna bundled up in the back – evidently the weather was not as kind to them up in Whistler as it is here around this time of year! Fellow participants even rode up to him along the way cheering “WOW – Go Cayman Islands!” – pretty neat, eh?

Many thanks go out to Bill and Shawna for the sharing this awesome adventure with us and making Massive a part of it – keep up with the cycling! And shout out to fellow Cayman rider Garth MacDonald from Island Heritage for competing as well, he apparently finished some 3 hours ahead of Bill – clearly not enjoying the party at the rest stops enough!


Let us know if you have your own story of Massive around the world, we would love to share it here on our blog!


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