Napkins! “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, Know when how to fold ’em!” ♫ ♪

Men, I’m looking at you here. It’s a new era. Gone are the days that a bit of stubble and a beer gut showed off our mature sides. These days there’s all sorts of skills we’re expected to pull off with aplomb that personally this writer was NEVER warned about.

One of these voodoo skills is napkin folding.

Being able to cook a fancy meal for your partner has long been the norm, but to really stand proud amongst your contemporaries these days you need to be able to craft linen-gravy-catchers into swans, bunnies or Justin Beiber (or something).

Luckily for you, your Massive buddies are here to help! We’ve pulled together some of the more user-friendly napkin folding techniques from around the interweb and laid them out below. Each method takes less than a minute and I’ve even done a couple myself to prove I’M NOT AFRAID OF YOU, NAPKIN!

The Bow Tie

Step-by-step instructions


The Love Heart

Nita Gill is a veritable treasure trove of craft tips, check her out!

The French Pleat – Massive_Rich style

OK, let’s do this…

Massive French Pleat


Hat tip to

The Pouch

Step-by-step instructions


Hat tip to

The Swan

The Fleur-de-Lis a la Massive_Rich

Going for another one…

Massive Fleur de lis


Hat tip to

The Rose

Step by step instructions

wedding-rose-napkins-1Hat tip to

The Scarf


Hat tip to

How did we acquire such mastery of the napkin? Well pop over to our Party Rentals department and you’ll find we not only have a huge selection of napkins but also linens, spandex(!), tablecloths, tableware and literally everything else you need to host dinner events of any size.

Next time you have a dinner party, why not give Dara or Victoria a call and let us help you make it a little bit special…


Happy folding, people,


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