You say jackhammer, I say demolition hammer… we all need goggles and gloves.

Morning everyone, there must be productivity in the air this week because our electromechanical jackhammers (the rock ‘n roll name for ‘demolition hammers’ for our British readers/writer) are FLYING out the door for all kinds of rentals this week, so much so that Howie had to purchase two more from our friends at AL Thompson to keep up with the demand!  Being your friendly local equipment specialist, we decided we should put together some tips to make sure you don’t maim yourself or others while you jackhammer with the best of ‘em.

 Makati Demolition Hammer

Makita Demolition Jackhammer

Concrete is hard, very hard. It is created through a solidifying process of mixing cement with gravel and water called hydration and it is strong enough to support entire houses. To destroy it takes a lot of power so you need to make sure you have the proper safety equipment.

For those of you who value having eyes and hands you must wear construction goggles, gloves, (and for the heavier drills) long pants (trousers, Brits), ear muffs and boots. From flying shards of concrete to slipping drills to sod’s law, there are many hazards associated with using a jackhammer and properly protecting yourself from these is essential.

If you are using the larger drills then be aware that they are heavy. We stock demolition, rotary and breaker hammers – our heaviest is the breaker weighing in at a hefty 43lbs. A bigger drill does not necessarily mean a faster job if you rent a hammer heavier than you can comfortably operate.

Select the right tip. Wider blades spread pressure while pointier blades concentrate it – if you go too pointy for a thin slab then the end will bury itself (and good luck pulling it out again)! Work from an edge or make a cluster of small holes first. This will allow you to pull the tool out if it starts getting buried and as the hole gets wider the chance of getting stuck is greatly reduced.

Lastly, make sure you rest when you are tired. This is heavy manual labor and trying to continue operating a jackhammer (or any other equipment) when you’re muscles are tired increase the chances of mistakes and injuries to yourself and others. Keep yourself hydrated and take regular breaks to keep yourself fresh and focused.

Click here (search for ‘hammer’) to see our full list of jackhammers for rent and to make your online reservation request.


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