It’s finally here!

Well, that only took three years!

Making the decision to embark on the ‘small’ project of migrating our website from the only host we have ever had to having it hosted by Point of Rental, the provider of our rental software, was, in hindsight, the easiest part of the process.

Almost three years later we now have accomplished this goal, and, while it is still a work on progress, we could not be more pleased with what we have developed. More is still to come in terms of functionality, but most users of our old website will agree that there is far more information available on the site now.

We are still tweaking a few elements and we appreciate your feedback should you discover any link that does not work properly. The most immediate thing you will notice is that all inventory items are now clearly listed online, and almost every item is displayed with a photograph and its various rental rates. Clients will be able to build a basic quote and complete it which will send it on to us for review and action. We think this feature alone will go far to assisting clients who so often work outside of normal 9-5 hours. As we note on the website, when you do create an online quote, please be mindful of the fact that there are certain additional fees or costs that may not be displayed on the reservation, and the system will not check for item availability. Finally, it is not a reservation, only a preliminary quote. The good news is that the content of the inventory lists, photos and rates is dynamic and updated every evening so the online price list is always going to be our most accurate price list.

More functions will be added in the near future including the ability for clients to review their statements and individual quotes, confirmed reservations, and open and closed rental contracts online in real time.

Massive acknowledges the work of Andre Farci of Point of Rental and Steven Chung of Our Secret Agency in this process. We really appreciate the time and effort taken to get us to this point. Thank you!

We want to hear from you. Please let us know what you think of the new website and this blog. Let us know also what additional features you would like to see us implement.

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